About AGC

Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC) is NAACP Award Winning program. This community based non­-profit, 501(c) 3 focuses on performing arts training in acting, voice and dance for youth, ages 5-­18. AGC is more than performing arts; we are a conduit for empowering young people and affecting change! Through socially relevant performances, our students are inspired to find their voice, express their creative abilities and flourish as artists/scholars, significantly impacting themselves and their community.

Located in South Los Angeles, AGC offers high quality, affordable performing arts training in acting, voice and dance for at-risk youth and emerging artists ages 5-18. Students are placed in an atmosphere filled with positive images of themselves and their community.​ AGC provides youth opportunities for artistic development, creative expression, and self-discovery. Students attend an array of classes taught by industry professionals, who both educate and mentor. 


AGC offers three sessions a year that culminate with original and Broadway musicals. AGC’s curriculum replicates an authentic approach to industry practices, focusing on artistic development, with sensitivity towards their interpersonal awareness and development.

AGC stresses excellence, discipline, punctuality and mutual responsibility. Extensive parental and alumni involvement, as well as community support are key attributes to the success and sustainability of AGC. These factors have led to AGC’s stature as a stellar institution in Los Angeles.

​AGC is also committed to furthering education in the arts. We offer a college scholarship named after our beloved co-founder, Tracy Lamar Coley (TLC). The TLC Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is continuing their education in the performing arts at an accredited four year university. Some of our TLC recipients as well as graduates have attended Yale, Julliard, NYU-Tisch School of the Arts, Howard University and Carnegie Mellon to name a few. We make every effort to educate and enlighten our students through the work that we produce.